Along the lines of Primal, non-processed, real food, the  branding design concept of Take Real Foods also follows the clean lines of the abstractive, generic concept of Greek Mathematic figures: 1,2,3, etc. followed by their equivalent Greek pronounciation which is also part of the branding:

1ena“, “2dio“, “3tria“,”4tessera”, “5pente”


This is – certainly – no chance.

Mathematics in Greek means: “that which can be learned”. The Greek language is known for containing logic and mathematics within its internal structure. It is, in fact, the only known language that is built around words whoch contain the meaning  within themselves. The Greek words are, indeed, “self-containers of information”.

This richness of meaning and semantics and – at the same time – the clean form and design of Greek written and spoken Math, was selected by reknown marketing strategists, as the most appropriate concept to accompany our Product Portfolio of Primal Nutrients.

We hope you enjoy pronouncing the Greek integer numbers that each Primal Food item in the Take Real Foods product portfolio carries. We believe that you will soon delve deeper into the hidden correlations between Primal Nutrition, Algebra and Logic!

[Image created by: Akio Iwanaga]